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On October 21, 2015, Shanghai international exhibition of metallurgical industry

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          October 21 solstice 23, 2015, the 18th session of Shanghai international metallurgical industry exhibition held in Shanghai new international expo center, MaAnshan YuShan metallurgy new materials co., LTD launched ZZF - 7 j type converter tapping hole skateboard slag gate mechanism prototype.MaAnshan YuShan metallurgy new material co., LTD. Design and development of converter slag board gate occupies about 70% in the domestic market share, in the metallurgical industry have high visibility. In order to better show the slide block of converter slag gate mechanism in the process of practical application status, the technical personnel passes elaborate design, fine processing, finally complete the prototype. Design is novel, vivid image, the slide block valve body in the actual work condition of converter slag show at the Shanghai international exhibition of metallurgy industry, metallurgical industry caused the attention of the experts both at home and abroad, the promotion of converter slag skateboard technology good effect.



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