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  • Maanshan Yushan New Metallic Materials Co., Ltd is located to the southeast bank of the lower reaches of Ynagtze River, in the Yushan Industrial Park of Maanshan City of Anhui Province, a city known for poetry and a  national sanitary, civilized and garden like city. The company is adjacent to the H Section Mill of Maanshan Steel Company, a 50 minute drive to Nanjing South High-speed Railway Station and Nanjing Lukou Airport. It is only 15 minute drive to Maanshan East Station of Nanjing-Anqing High-speed Railway. It is within the range of 1.5 hour high-speed railway radiation circle in Yangtze River Delta Triangle Economic Area of Yangtze River Economic Belt with very convenient communication.

    Was founded in January 2002, December 31, 2014 and puyang xiaoyi high temperature materials (group) co., LTD successful restructuring listed, become a wholly owned independent subsidiary xiaoyi shares (02225) deep. Companies involved in production of steel curtains on system equipment - since the slide gate mechanism, has developed three series products, namely the converter steel slag with slide gate valve, ladle sliding gate, small billet, slab in quick change device research and development and production. Become the famous domestic steel curtains on systems of professional equipment and refractories and outstanding supplier. The company's products in the domestic large and medium-sized steel mill is widely used. The company has authorized more than 20 patent.

    The company's products are:

    The ladle slide gate mechanism;

    Package in quick change device;

    Skateboard of converter slag system engineering equipment;

    Blow out slag device

    Company production of slide gate has been in the domestic large and medium-sized steel mills on 1 t to 180 t ladle has been applied widely and exported to Iran and uzbekistan, with quality achieving advanced level of domestic similar products, generally well received by users.

    Company production of small billet, slab in quick change device has been in the domestic large and medium-sized steel mills has been applied on the tundish of quality reached domestic advanced level of similar products, generally well received by users.

    Board type ZZF series converter slag gate system engineering equipment has more than 30 large and medium-sized steel mills in China in 40 more than 60 t to 300 t converter has been applied widely, especially the company's products used in baosteel, shougang Beijing tang, wuhan iron and steel and other domestic well-known large-scale iron and steel enterprises, product quality, reliability, security has reached the leading domestic level. Become molten steel curtains on problem solvers, especially the slide block of converter slag tapping system engineering equipment market leader.

    Company production of blowing blowing out slag rod has been applied in baosteel and MeiGang,

    With quality achieving advanced level of domestic similar products, is well received by the user.

    The company has a good lean product design and development, enterprise management and sales and service personnel, the company can provide according to the user of the converter, bag, bag in the drawings and requirements, design all kinds of converter tapping hole for user selection, bag package quick change in slide gate and mechanical device, such as the assembly of the hydraulic pressure station and matching of refractory materials. The company implements the design, manufacture, installation and debugging, training, turnkey one-stop technical services. Company has rich experience in steel curtains on reform and late mature reliable general contracting of per ton steel maintenance and operation experience.

    "To insist on this letter, sincerely to maintaining truthful, meager profit but high turnover, the supply and demand win-win" is our consistent adherence to the marketing purpose. "Today's quality, tomorrow's market" the quality policy is our firm belief. That conscientious service for metallurgical enterprises supporting a good metallurgical industry is our goal. At home and abroad wholeheartedly welcome the new old customers to visit our company, technical cooperation and trade, it is our heartfelt wishes.